(Comments from our 2012 season, 1st half)


  • “I don’t know how the experience could have been any better.” – S.A. April
  • “It was a terrific trip – it absolutely exceeded all my expectations.” – S.S. May 11 HS 
  • “You all exceeded every expectation that I brought with me to the canyon and gave me an experience I find hard to explain to the family and friends eager to hear all about the trip.  Even the word amazing seems to fall a bit short.” – A.R. May 13 AP 
  • “We had too much fun so it will be very hard to return to the real world!!” – G.A. May 16 
  • “Everything from the first phone call to the guides meeting us at the hotel after the trip was flawless.  We were both so impressed with the entire process, every small detail was perfect.” – D. & K. G. June 25 


  • “I can’t imagine a more cohesive group/crew than what we were lucky to experience.  They worked and played so well with one another and with us – we truly bonded with them!  It was very hard to say good-bye!” – K.O. June 16 
  • “OMG –how can we count the ways in which we loved our guides?” – A.L. June 12 AP 
  • “They obviously care a tremendous amount about where they work.” – E.R June 5 
  • “They paced the days and trip as a whole very well, and read the energy levels and interests of the group very well.” – D.G. June 25 


  • “All had great sense of humor, kind manner, sensitivity to me as a less experienced hiker.” – J.R. June 21 SQ
  • “Really liked that hikes of different lengths and difficulties were offered.” – B.R. May 13 AP
  • "Encouraging – I did more than I thought possible thanks to [the guides]." - L.R. June 25


  • “Tent easy to assemble, sleeping kit clean, comfortable, with layers for cooler or warmer nights.” – C.U. April 13
  • “Great not having to bring our own camping gear and I did like having chairs available at camp.” – S.C. June 16
  • “Tents were great and easy to put up.” – L.F. July 3