Our sole focus is creating the best Grand Canyon experience possible.  We operate exclusively in Grand Canyon; we operate only oar and paddle trips.


A unique participatory trip style: CanX's Hybrid trip includes our signature paddle boat and two inflatable kayaks (IK's) in addition to five oar boats. Each boat type offers an opportunity to be hands-on, and you don't have to decide in advance of your trip which craft is right for you.


Our signature, 14’ small paddle boat:  Fun in the little rapids; easy to paddle through the flat water; positions easily at the tops of big rapids. Our paddle boat carries no frame or gear for your safety and paddling enjoyment.


Inflatable kayaks (IK's): These boats have been part of every CanX Hybrid trip for over 15 years. Our crews excel in training participants how to use and enjoy these boats.


Small group size: With an average group size of 18 participants and 6 guides, we have the smallest Hybrid trips and the highest guide to participant ratio.


The menu: From shade-grown coffee to hormone-free meats, organic and natural foods, our meals are geared for a healthy lifestyle with fresh fruits and vegetables throughout.


Trip lengths: Our long trip length allows time to experience more of the canyon: more hiking, more interpretive talks, more time in this exceptional wilderness setting.


Our flexible on-river schedule: With so many hikes and camp sites to choose from, each trip can be tailored to participants interests and varied abilities, the time of year, the weather, etc. Every trip is a unique experience.


Our fares include services that may be "extra" with others: such as camping equipment, entrance fees, $1/day for conservation, transportation (Flagstaff/South Rim/the River), boat options, etc. There are no extra fees for transportation between Flagstaff and the river (we are the only company that includes the Flagstaff /South Rim transportation for Upper and Lower Canyon trip sections as well as the Full Canyon section) or for entrance fees into Grand Canyon National Park or Hualapai Take out fees or for camping equipment. Additionally, a $1/day pass through donation to the Grand Canyon Conservation Fund is made on your behalf and is included in the quoted fare rate; each participant receives a complimentary river mug and river guidebook; we offer hard to find and often expensive river gear/clothing at wholesale prices; storage for clean clothes, extra gear and vehicle parking are provided for the duration of the trip at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Flagstaff.


"I have made new friends from an amazing shared experience that was expertly designed and facilitated by an extraordinary crew. It was an amazing life experience!." - September 2020


"Seriously loved every second & every thing of this trip. I really hope to be back again in the future!." - July 2019


"You guys are rock stars. Totally first class. worked hard, played hard, ate like kings/queens and had the time of our lives." - May 2019


"The one thing I can sum up concisely is my joy and wonder during and after this trip (which I don't think I will EVER lose!)" 2018


"I’ve backpacked throughout the canyon for 30 years. It’s wonderful to feel my passion and commitment shared by your competent and dedicated crew." 2017