Hybrid Trips

CanX Hybrid trips are designed for participation with flexibility. Each morning, you decide whether to raft in an oar boat; be part of a paddle boat team; or navigate an inflatable kayak. Your Trip Leader describes the day's rapids and itinerary each evening for overnight consideration.


CanX Hybrid trips include five oar boats, one paddle boat and two inflatable kayaks (IKs).


All Paddle Trips

CanX All Paddle trips consist of three of our signature 14' unloaded paddle boats and accommodate 18 trip participants, 6 in each boat. Oar boats accompanying the trip carry only gear. These trips do not include the inflatable kayaks or the opportunity to "rest" on an oar boat for a day. These are our highest energy trips, offering guaranteed paddling—every day.


“The guides were such interesting people it was a joy to meet them. The most important skill to me is whitewater skills and with this crew, I feared no rapid.” - September 2020 


“I feel so lucky that I found what must be the most knowledgeable and fun company on the River! The paddle raft and duckies definitely livened up the trip!” - June 2019 


“I LOVED the paddleboat!  I could have done the whole trip in the paddleboat.  What a gas!  Who knew??” 2012


"…the little DUCKIES [inflatable kayaks] were super and *unique* to all of us – several people including myself really enjoyed them.” 2012