Breakfasts begin with fresh, shade-grown organic coffee from Toucanet Coffee, of Flagstaff. Meals like pancakes, eggs to order, french toast or hot cereal also include bacon, sausage, or fruit.


Deli-style lunches include selections such as dagwood style sandwiches, hummus & tabouli, and our delicious tortilla salad. Fresh fruit, chips and cookies are standard.


Nightly appetizers precede dinner from the dutch oven, grill or skillet. After a day on the water filled with hard exercise and fun, everything is especially tasty. You'll have to work not to gain weight! Fair warning, this sample river menu may make you wish you were on-river right now.


Although we are not able to cater to personal dietary likes and dislikes, our menu does provide healthy, varied and balanced meals that include a variety of choices. The meals include plenty of fresh meat (natural, hormone and antibiotic-free beef and chicken, and seafood including wild-caught salmon), rice/pasta/bread, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and salads right up to the last day! Please review the sample river menu if you have any concerns about what we'll be serving.


Vegetarian accommodations are provided at each meal. These accommodations include making a second pot that contains no meat or providing meat substitutes such as, veggie/garden burgers and tofu. Some meals do not allow for these accommodations, which means that vegetarians must make their selections from the rice/pasta dish and the vegetable/salad dish and dessert. Please note that all breakfasts and lunches allow for non-meat selections (e.g. eggs only or granola and yogurt at breakfast and a cheese sandwich with fruit and cookies at lunch).


"Gourmet and delicious. 10 out of 5. Made the trip even better!!!! " - October 2020


"The food was outstanding – far exceeding my expectations. Healthy options, prepared in a delicious fashion" - August 2020


"Remarkable job with food prep. There was always enough quantity and variety. The food quality and freshness amazed me." - July 2019


"Absolutely delicious meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner - great variety. Dutch oven desserts were a delicious treat. Made with love and care and pride; fresh fruit and veggies were amazing. Gourmet meals enjoyed on the beach – awesome!" 2017


"The food was wonderful! Every meal!! Loved the veggies, salads, desserts, coffee – everything!" 2017