CanX Trip Types

Hybrid & All Paddle

Hybrid Trips

CanX Hybrid trips are designed for participation with flexibility. Each morning, you decide whether to raft in an oar boat; be part of a paddle boat team; or navigate an inflatable kayak. Your Trip Leader describes the day’s rapids and itinerary each evening for overnight consideration.

CanX Hybrid trips include four to five oar boats, one paddle boat, two inflatable kayaks (IKs), and sometimes may include a dory. Dories are not guaranteed on all hybrid trips. See boat descriptions below.

Hybrid Trip Boat Types

Oar Boats

Each of our 18-foot oar rafts are rowed by one of our highly qualified quides and carry 2 to 4 trip participants. In flat water, oar rafts offer the opportunity for relaxation, reflection and listening to your guide’s canyon lore. These crafts also allow interested participants to take a turn at rowing. Oar boats are less likely to flip over in white water than paddle boats and inflatable kayaks.

Paddle Boats

For more active involvement and a higher thrill factor, spend time on our 14-foot paddle boat. Navigate holes, huge waves, and eddies as part of a 4 to 6 person paddle team under the direction of our paddle boat guide. Learn paddle boat commands including forward, hard back, and dig. Paddle-slap at the end of successful rapid-runs. Our paddle boats are small and lightweight and carry no frame or gear load. These boats are easy to paddle in calm water or winds. They make even the small rapids exciting and gain momentum quickly in big rapids.


Dories are a classic wooden boat introduced to Grand Canyon in 1969 by Martin Litton. Many of our hybrid trips feature a dory, but their presence on trips is subject to water levels and the boats being in good repair. Dories are not guaranteed on all hybrid trips.

Inflatable Kayaks

Two inflatable kayaks accompany every Hybrid Trip. These small, one-person boats are an integral part of the CanX experience. Our guides are experienced instructors of inflatable kayak paddling, self-rescue, rapid running, and safety. There’s plenty of flat water for first timers to learn new skills. Those with paddling experience may run our inflatable kayaks through most of the Canyon’s rapids.

All Paddle Trips

CanX All Paddle trips consist of three of our signature 14′ unloaded paddle boats and accommodate 18 trip participants, 6 in each boat. Oar boats accompanying the trip carry only gear. These trips do not include the inflatable kayaks or the opportunity to “rest” on an oar boat for a day. These are our highest energy trips, offering guaranteed paddling—every day.

Specialty Trips

Hiker’s Special

A 16-day trip for those well prepared for rigorous hiking and scrambling. We explore unique spots that are best reached from the river such as Silver Grotto, Unkar Delta, archeological sites at Nankoweap, Clear Creek, Thunder River, Elves Chasm and many more spectacular sites.

String Quartet

A 15-day trip with a String Quartet performing in the majestic natural auditoriums of Grand Canyon, in various side canyons, and some afternoons in camp. This trip provides a memorable experience for music lovers and adds emotional depth for all participants. Read an account from the Seattle Symphony newsletter.

Botany Special

See the Grand Canyon in spring bloom. Learn details about the Canyon’s plants and how to identify them. Local botanist will cover the distinct life zones and the different topographical and geographical zones. We’ll delve into ethnobotany traditions and much more.

Astronomy Special

The Grand Canyon is one of the most spectacular places in the lower 48 to view the night sky. One of a few places devoid of light pollution, it has an incredible view of the Milky Way. Experience professional grade telescopes for nightly stargazing, astro-photography workshops, and mind-blowing talks about the known (and unknown) universe during the dark-sky portion of the moon’s cycle.

The rivers flow not past, but through us.

~ John Muir

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