Astronomy Trip

Did you know that the Grand Canyon is one of the most spectacular places in the lower 48 to view the night sky? The Colorado Plateau is one of a few places in the US devoid of light pollution, giving it an incredible view of the Milky Way!
In September of 2019, during the dark-sky portion of the moon's cycle, Canyon Explorations is running a 15-day Hybrid Astronomy-focused trip with renowned Astronomer Tyler Nordgren ( Be ready for Tyler's mind-blowing talks about the known (and unknown) universe. Tyler brings his professional grade telescopes for nightly stargazing and astro-photography workshops. It doesn't get much better!


String Quartet

A 15-day trip with a String Quartet performing in the majestic natural auditoriums of Grand Canyon, in various side canyons, and some afternoons in camp. This trip provides a memorable experience for music lovers and adds emotional depth for all participants. See Dates & Fares for schedule. Read an account from the Seattle Symphony newsletter.


All Paddle

A high energy experience—you'll paddle every day. All Paddle trips include seven guides and eighteen participants, six on each boat. Oar boats accompany these trips and carry only gear—no passengers. See Dates & Fares for schedule.


Hiker’s Special

A 16-day trip for those who love to hike, this trip focuses on exploring unique spots that can only be reached from the river. Experience spectacular hikes such as Silver Grotto, Unkar Delta, the ruins at Nankoweap, Clear Creek, Thunder River, and Elves Chasm. See Dates & Fares for schedule.


Accessibility Trips

We have extensive experience accommodating people with disabilities on our river trips. People with disabilities such MS, CP, and paraplegia may choose to join one of our regularly scheduled trips on their own or with a friend or family member.


We also offer charter trips for individuals with disabilities. The special focus of these trips allows us to take more adaptive equipment and to tailor side canyon journeys around ease of accessibility.


Please call our office for more information if you have a disability and are interested in joining one of our trips.