Your "crew" of river guides, will be a balance of men and women, with diverse personalities, skills, and interpretive training. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds, ages, and walks of life. Their depth of knowledge, the extent of their training, and the interests they pursue outside of guiding often come as a surprise to guests.


Viewing themselves as fellow travelers, our guides share of themselves as well as information about the Canyon’s history, natural sciences and environmental politics. They are passionate about these topics and practically live for discussing them in the outdoor classroom. It is the guides who bring the Canyon to life with stories and information.


Our hands-on, high interaction approach to exploring camping, learning, eating and laughing together enable your guides to discover your interests and desires for your trip.


“This crew was Magical. Safety first. Caring, funny, and warm. They worked together like a family and made us feel a part of it. ” August 2020


“All were sensational.  I don't think I could find anything to complain about if I tried. Really a great group, always helpful, cheerful, and ridiculously competent. ” September 2020


“The crew really worked and played well as a team. I know they all worked super hard and had really early mornings and long days. They made it seem effortless and obviously loved being on the river and showing us guests a beautiful GC experience. Thanks” April 2019 


"Don't know if there are enough superlative adjectives to describe this crew." 2018


"The best, all-star team, amazing, extraordinary. All off the charts." 2018


"The most courteous group of guides I’ve ever had the pleasure of spending time with. We felt treated as family would be treated. Sincerity, conscientious, assiduous. It was hard to leave “the tribe”. 2017


"I loved them all, I could write pages of praise, knowledgeable, professional, always made me feel safe, they made it so fun, the songs, stories, hikes, history. At the end of the trip we were family." 2017


"The group of guides was exceptional. They were always respectful to each other and guests; no awkward moments, just fun, humor, help and positivity." 2016