Step one

Call our office (800-654-0723) to check availability and make your initial phone reservation. We will email you a link to our online registration portal where each member of your party can enter contact information, dietary and medical details, and pay their initial trip deposit. Please note: We will request to talk with each individual making a reservation (or one member per couple/family residing at the same address). Based on our experience, this is the best way to ensure that everyone fully understands the nature of their trip and the specific logistics involved and that each person takes responsibility for the preparations necessary to make the most of their trip.


Also accessible through our online portal will be:


"Office was awesome, always a real person on the phone, prompt return of my calls, answered my questions quickly made me feel comfortable when I was overwhelmed." 2017


"All telephone contacts were professional, friendly, cheerful, encouraging, and clear information was provided. Informal and upbeat delivery yet serious about letting us know what we needed to know and what to expect." 2017


“Office staff was friendly and answered my many questions prior to trip." 2016


"Loved all the detail on gear to bring." 2016

“I don’t know if I’ve ever dealt with staff who were so genuinely helpful, patient, and friendly.  It was a joy to get my questions answered.” 2012


Step two

Fill out the online Registration Form(s) and make your deposit payment ($400 per person) within the one week deadline.


Step three
Access your Float Note information, Gear Catalog and hotel booking information through the Info and Docs section of our portal. We welcome your calls at any time should you have questions!


Step four
A bill for the balance due on your trip fare, along with reminders to update the dietary or medical information you've provided us in your Registration Info and to book your hotel rooms, will arrive 5 months prior to your trip, as well as information on ordering beer, soda and wine.


Step five
The balance of your trip fare is due no later than 120 days before your trip.


Step six
Ramp up your workouts. Break in your hiking shoes and hiking sandals. Call us with any questions… and get excited for your trip!


"You all seem to have this business down to a fine art. From the first contact to final farewell everything was perfect. Highest recommendations from us!" D.G. Oct. 2016