Matt Winfrey

Matt Winfrey has been a river guide since 1992. He started guiding in the Cascade Mountains of Washington, and the river has taken him all over the place—in addition to Grand Canyon, he has also worked in Alaska, Canada, India, the Philippines, Australia, Thailand, Turkey, Palau, Costa Rica… and now he calls the Zuni mountains of New Mexico his home, with his wife and 1-year-old daughter. When off the river, he becomes “Mr. Winfrey,” teaching 7th grade biology. He and his wife Kristin have spent the last several years building an off-grid home all by themselves. Matt has a special interest in geology and in early expeditions in the southwest, from the Spaniards to Stanton’s railroad survey. He comes to Grand Canyon to share experiences with incredibly bright, flexible, competent, and funny people. Winfrey thinks that Grand Canyon is the most intoxicating classroom imaginable—if you are tired of geology, you can learn botany, history, pre-history, hydrology… not to mention the fascinating tangents that come out in long periods of conversation with guides and guests on a trip.