Marieke (mar-ee-ka)Taney

Born and raised in Flagstaff, Arizona, Marieke has been close to the Canyon for all of her life. She has a vibrant love for the southwest and water in the desert, especially the mighty Colorado through Grand Canyon. She started working in the Canyon in 1999 and can be found down there in an oar boat, paddle-boat or kayak.  Marieke has a contagious passion for hiking and river games as well as human history and natural history in Grand Canyon that she loves to share, and can also be found pulling out her painting supplies or guitar during a trip.  Grand Canyon is her passion, her solace and the greatest teacher she has ever had. When not in the Canyon, Marieke can be spotted in her kayak on various rivers around the States or on one of her greatest loves - her mountain bike.  Marieke has spent most of her adult life as a guide and ski patroller for various organizations from the National Outdoor Leadership School to Arapaho Basin to Alaska Rendezvous Heli-Ski Guides.  She holds a Master of Science degree in Environmental Education and Forestry from Northern Arizona University and currently works full time there as a lecturer in the Geography, Planning and Recreation department.


"Marieke was the best Trip Leader ever! She brought joy & exuberance to the trip - and provided music, too." - L.