Gibney Siemion

For over a decade, Gibby has been living and working on rivers. One of her greatest passions is conservation of the Colorado River in Grand Canyon through ecological research and education; she believes the Grand Canyon is an ideal classroom and thrives on learning and sharing with other guides and passengers on extended trips. She feels fortunate to have rowed, paddle-captained and kayaked on rivers across the U.S. including the Colorado, Green, Middle Fork of the Salmon, Payette, Kern, Owyhee and San Juan. She particularly enjoys Grand Canyon expeditions because they foster a deep sense of place, promote ecological competence, evoke tenacity and inventiveness, and provide endless comic relief! Gibby has a B.A. in Conservation Biology and Adventure Education from Prescott College, a M.S. in Biology (bugs, fungi and plants) from Northern Arizona University and has maintained a Rolfing® Structural Integration practice since 2001. She and her husband/fellow guide Justin Salamon call Flagstaff home, where she spends time adventuring on her mountain bike and on the water molecule in both its liquid and solid states.


"Gibby is truly a gifted young woman and one of the best guides I’ve ever encountered!” – M.W. June 25,2012


(You can visit Gibby and Justin's rolfing practice at