Garrett Schniewind

Garrett has been outfitting and guiding river trips in Grand Canyon since 1987. As a boatman, paddle captain, and canoe and kayak guide, Garrett has been on over 80 river trips in the Grand Canyon. In addition to working with Canyon Explorations as both a guide and manager, Garrett participates in several trade organizations and conservation groups. He was the founding President of the Grand Canyon River Outfitters Association and is currently its immediate Past President. Garrett is the Vice President of the Colorado River Fund Inc. a grantmaking organization dedicated to resource protection and access for persons with disabilities to the Colorado River. Additionally, he is a past board member of America Outdoors, a national trade association concerned with outfitting and guiding issues. Garrett is a lifetime member of the Grand Canyon River Guides and an avid whitewater canoeist and kayaker.

He and his wife, Susan, are the proud parents of Garrett II. Garrett Sr. now does fewer river trips and more office work. However, he still finds time to lead a couple of trips every year and he greatly appreciates the opportunity to share this unique and incredible place with others.