Justin Salamon

Justin made his first trip to the Colorado River in Grand Canyon in the fall of 1996. Since then, Justin’s love of rivers and the transformational power of wildness and stark beauty keep him returning to the Grand Canyon. After a decade of teaching and studying Adventure Education and Human Development at Prescott College, Justin has moved on to guide in the Grand Canyon and pursue his private Rolfing: Structural Integration practice. Before coming to the Grand Canyon, Justin’s guiding pursuits took him all over the west including Idaho’s Middle Fork of the Salmon and numerous rivers in California, Colorado, Utah and Arizona. He has been teaching kayaking and guiding trips on rivers since 1995 and he is only getting started. Nothing delights him more than an evening on the boats, spent with new friends and singing old songs as the canyon walls are colored by an Arizona sunset.


(Justin and his wife, fellow guide Gibby Siemion, maintain a rolfing practice in Flagstaff: rolfingflagstaff.com