Ariana Lowe

I was introduced to the river at the age of six by my mama and stepdad. When I first attempted rowing, the oars probably still weighed more than me. I started Guiding in 1997 at the age of 18, in Moab Utah in the upper Colorado Plateau area. By 2005, I was searching for a change of scenery and was hired to run the Middle Fork and Main Salmon in Idaho. In 2007 hoping to expand my horizons even more I slipped my foot in the door with CanX and have been filling in the cracks ever since. Between a full season in Idaho and on the Grand Canyon I figure I sleep as many nights outside in a year as I do inside, which keeps my gypsy spirit happy. The way in which the wilderness changes people’s lives’, including my own, keeps me coming back—an addiction that I’m proud to bare. For me, sharing our wilderness heritage with folks in the hopes of protecting it for generations to come, fuels a unique purpose that drives my soul. I absolutely love it!


"Glued together by Ari, a person of exceptional skills and grace.” – D.O. May 11 HS, 2012