Alexis Kimball

I have been guiding in Grand Canyon since 2003 and for CanX since 2007. I have also guided for Grand Canyon Youth on the Colorado river from Diamond Creek to Lake Mead; for Grand Classroom on the San Juan River, leading week long tours around the southwest; and for National Geographic Expedition, leading half-day trips on the South Rim of Grand Canyon. When I’m not guiding on rivers or land, I enjoy bike riding, hiking, sailing, yoga, water coloring and catching up with friends. The last couple of winters I have been doing various things, traveling to New Zealand, Ecuador, sailing the east coast of the United States, substitute teaching, skiing around the Rocky Mountains and babysitting. The canyon is a special place to me and to many other people. The beauty of the colors on the canyon walls, the river, the wilderness environment, the adventure of rowing and hiking the side canyons, and the wonderful people I work with and meet each year is what keeps me in the Canyon.


Paddle boat captain, Lexis, made us all feel competent and when she moved weaker paddlers to less strategic areas, she did it in a way that made no one feel ‘less than.’ “ – A.B. May 25, 2012