Kiki Wykstra

Kiki grew up on the desert rivers of the southwest. On her first trip down the Colorado River through Grand Canyon she was a small ten-year old with a rag-tag group of boatmen (including her mother). Since then she has had the opportunity to explore rivers all over the world, where they have shown her remote places few have had the opportunity to explore.
After graduating with a BS in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Kiki has continued to guide full-time, instilling people with a passion for the natural world and showing people places where rivers run wild and dark skies still exist. You can generally find her tucked up in some side canyon with a flower in her hat and singing songs about humpback chub on her ukulele.

She is one of the few guides in Grand Canyon, probably in the world, who is fortunate enough to guide trips along side her mother (Susan Hamilton).


"Kiki was delightful as well as incredibly professional." T.K. Sept. 2016