Mike Hipsher

I did my first Grand Canyon trip in 1976 after working in Utah for four years. I’ve had a steady run in the Canyon through the last 30 years but I have worked on many different rivers in the United States as well as internationally—Middle Fork and Main Salmon in Idaho, rivers of the southeast US, the Ocoee, Europe, Costa Rica, Turkey, Indonesia, and Chile. I came to CanX in 2000 and have enjoyed working for a company whose mission statement is all about quality and fitting each trip to meet the needs of the people on that trip. I’ve guided kayakers in all of those exotic places and enjoy rowing, paddling and kayaking in Grand Canyon. I have a degree in engineering and spend some of my off-the-river time doing database management work. The two worlds seem like a long ways apart but both involve visualizing the situation and gathering the resources to accomplish the task at hand—whether it’s setting up a new server or learning the route of a new hike. And I guess that’s what keeps bringing me back to the Canyon— there is always new things to see and explore. During the winter I live in Idaho and ski in the backcountry, enjoying the snow and wilderness of the Sawtooths near Stanley. I ride a bike a good bit in the summer to get ready to nordic skate ski on the groomed trails and climb/ski down on telemark ski gear in the winter.