Jocelyn Gibbon

I am a river guide–turned water lawyer–turned back to river guide. I love being in the Canyon, I love rowing and paddling boats, and I love being with others who are experiencing the joy and astonishment of a Grand Canyon river trip. I met my husband Sam guiding for CanX the first time around, starting in 2000; I left guiding to go to law school and learn more about how to protect the resources I care about; now I am lucky enough to be back on the river with Sam and the rest of the amazing if motley CanX crew. I still can’t get over the “grandeur” of the Canyon, of earth and time laid bare. Off-river, we live in Flagstaff, and I run my own business, Freshwater Policy Consulting, working on western water policy issues and looking for ways to keep water flowing, in our taps and in the rivers. “Easy forward.”