Damian Jackson

My fascination with water is largely thanks to my parents - having been kick-started at an early age by their opting for a life at sea. Eventually, we swapped our 37ft sailboat home for a piece of land but the damage was done, and my life has since been tethered to the many forms of water. I continue to sail, surf and enjoy the world’s oceans but fresh water has become my livelihood. In my teenage years, I discovered a love for snow covered mountains and after attending school in Colorado, I found work as a ski patroller and ski guide. It was also in Colorado that I let myself get talked into my first river trip. After a couple decades of exploring rivers and working on snowy peaks in the western US and New Zealand, I find myself in Alta, UT, where I continue to tend the snow as an Avalanche Forecaster for the Utah Department of Transportation. The mountain/river community is a special thing, the people being its soul; this nowhere more true than on the water, beaches and in side canyons of the Grand Canyon.