Laura Armstrong

Grand Canyon has become my home and favorite place to be. I have worked on rivers in California, Oregon, and Idaho but none of these trips come close to what the canyon has to offer for those who get to experience the canyon’s intimate splendor for two weeks at a time. I grew up in California, where my Grandpa started a rafting company in the sixties. I moved to Flagstaff to work in Grand Canyon and facilitate trips that have the power to change people’s lives. In the meantime I have travelled and volunteered in Africa, Europe, and South and Central America. I received my degree in Communications and Comparative Religions at Northern Arizona University. When I am not on the river, I rely on spending time outside and with friends to keep me grounded, and I enjoy working with adults who have disabilities. I am always looking forward to returning to the place that has taught me power and humility, and the place whose depths call to my own.