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Frequently Asked Questions

What will the weather be like on the river?2021-10-07T15:45:41-07:00

Average Temperatures and Weather

April: Days 60–80 F/Nights 40–55 F;
May:Days 80–100 F/Nights 60–70 F;
June/July/August: Days 100–120 F/Nights 70–90 F.
Note: July/August is typically the monsoon season in Arizona which usually means a cloud buildup in the morning and short heavy rain in the afternoon.
September/October: Days 70–90 F/Nights 50–60 F.

THESE ARE NOT ABSOLUTES! It can rain in any month, or conversely, be arid and cloudless. Clouds and/or rain can cause the temperature in the Canyon’s desert environment to plummet—even during the hot summer months.

You can check these sites for weather forecasts prior to your trip:

Marble Canyon (Full and Upper Trip Put-in)
Phantom Ranch (Lower Trip Hike-in)

The weather on your trip may even vary between hot and cold several times a day. Layering options are required as unexpected temperature extremes can occur at any time of year and body temperatures change with the activity (hiking in the middle of the day vs. boating early in the a.m. etc.)

It is possible, even probable, that the weather you encounter will be consistently sunny and warm/hot, but you will need to be prepared for the Canyon’s many different moods.

There is a good possibility that spring and fall rafters will experience weather conditions that lower body temperatures. During these months, if the sky is cloudy, it will result in very cold conditions while you are rafting, and “dry” gear and layering options will be required on the water.

Water Temperature

The river water temperature is ICE COLD at ALL TIMES (50–55 degrees F) – a big factor in body temperature as even the smallest waves will give you a soaking.

How long is the Bright Angel Trail hike?2021-11-03T11:28:25-07:00

The Bright Angel Trail is steep and very long. It covers one vertical mile in elevation change between rim and river. It is a 7.5 mile long hike. The trail is well-maintained and wide trail and does not contain any difficult “hiking moves.” Some conditions that significantly increase the difficulty of this hike include: extreme temperatures (Summer temps exceed 100° F and sometimes exceed 115° F), and carrying the extra weight of your backpack/clothing and water significantly increases the stress and amount of effort exerted.

Average hiking time is 6-8 hours but your hiking time will be dependent on your fitness level and the weather (mainly extreme heat).

Read more about the hike here:

Bright Angel Trail Hike
What is included in the trip fare?2021-10-07T16:19:36-07:00

CanX offers an all inclusive package.

Trip fares include:

  • Round trip transportation between Flagstaff, AZ and the river
  • All entrance / exit fees
  • All on river meals
  • All camping gear and dry bags for personal items
  • Entrance / Exit Fees
  • $1/day for Conservation
  • Paddle boat / IK option
  • Healthy-lifestyle menu
  • Bag storage in Flagstaff
  • Complimentary river mug
  • Complimentary river guidebook

See our Trip Package page for more details on what is included.

Can I bring my cell phone?2021-11-03T11:32:37-07:00

A Grand Canyon river trip offers a unique opportunity to disconnect from the technology that has become so prevalent in our daily lives. Departure from technology is an important aspect of the trip for many of our rafters. That being said, we recognize that many people use their phone as their primary camera. Phones are permitted for use as a camera, but we ask that you refrain from using its other capabilities (there is no service in the canyon anyway). We strongly recommend a waterproof case to keep water and sand away from your phone. For battery charging please bring a small external charger that is pre-charged. Solar chargers are intrusive and cumbersome. Canyon Explorations/Expeditions is not responsible for any damages to electronic devices on the river. 

Can I bring an e-reader?2021-09-27T11:26:41-07:00

Canyon Explorations/Expeditions does provide a river library filled with Grand Canyon titles that you are welcome to peruse in camp each night. Some rafters will bring paperbacks from home as well. E-readers are permitted for use at night in your own tent/camping area. We strongly recommend that if you do decide to bring your e-reader with you that it is in a hard case that will protect it from water, sand, and shock. Canyon Explorations/Expeditions is not responsible for any damages to electronic devices on the river.

Can my family/friends/business partners/etc. reach me while I am on the river?2021-09-27T11:27:11-07:00

You will not have any communication with the outside world while you are on the river. The trip does carry a satellite phone for use in an on-river emergency that requires contacting medical support (provided by Grand Canyon National Park). If someone needs to leave you a message while you are on the river it is best to have them contact the Canyon Explorations/Expeditions office. The office staff will deliver the message at the earliest opportunity.

I am traveling solo. Will I have to share a tent with someone?2021-09-27T11:27:46-07:00

No. All individuals who are traveling solo will be issued their own tent for the duration of the trip.

Can I have my bags carried into/out of the canyon for me by the mule service?2021-09-27T11:28:09-07:00

Unfortunately the timing of this service does not work with our itinerary. All passengers on an upper or lower half trip carry their own gear out of or into the canyon respectively. Canyon Explorations/Expeditions supplies all camping gear (tent, ground tarp, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, and sleeping bag liner), so you do not have to carry these items.

Can I bring my own lifejacket?2021-11-03T11:39:25-07:00

The National Park Service requires that Canyon Explorations provide concessionaire-maintained, Class V lifejackets. You may not bring your own lifejacket.

Can I take a shower or bathe on the river2021-11-03T11:24:29-07:00

Bathing is permitted in the Colorado River. Shampoo, soap, etc. may be used in the Colorado River, but not in the side streams you visit. We recommend environmentally friendly soap or shampoo though it is not required. Please leave solar showers at home – they are not practical for use on the river.

See our Float Notes for more details on packing and to read the essential toiletries list.

When is the best time to take a trip?2021-09-08T13:19:20-07:00

April and May provide lots of daylight, blooming wild flowers and cactus, with high probablility of cooling winds, and reasonable temperatures.

June, July and August reach the highest temperatures, broken only by the clouds and rain of monsoons — which typically start in early July.

September and October bring more moderate temperatures and shorter days. Serenity descends on the Canyon as summer wanes. It’s a great time of year for hiking.

Where do we meet in Flagstaff, AZ?2021-09-08T13:22:55-07:00

You will begin and end your trip at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Flagstaff located at 1175 W Route 66, phone number: 928.773.8888

We will be meeting you there for your pre-trip orientation. The hotel is also the pick-up and drop-off point for transportation to and from the river.

Taxis are available from the Flagstaff airport, train, or bus station. You may also call the DoubleTree to use their complimentary taxi service. You will experience a delay in response time if you elect to use this service and should therefore initiate the call to the DoubleTree as soon as you arrive in Flagstaff.

Is there an age requirement?2021-09-08T13:24:19-07:00

There is no upper age limit, but trip participants must be at least twelve years old.

What will my group be like?2021-11-03T11:35:19-07:00

Each trip is a unique combination of single people, couples, families, and those from all generations. People visit from all over the United States, from around the world and from all walks of life. Families are most likely in the summer months during summer break.

Can I bring a cot?2022-11-29T10:17:05-07:00

No. We do not have space on the boats to accomodate cots.

Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.

~ Henry David Thoreau

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