CanX trips are designed for participation and flexibility. Each of our three boat types offer an opportunity for hands-on participation. You do not need to decide in advance of your trip or in advance of the next day which boat option you’ll select.


Our hiking and camping schedule is also flexible; we may hike all day one day or do several short hikes all at different locations. Our guides tailor the hikes, interpretive talk and stories, and trip pacing to each unique group. Daily side canyon hikes vary in length and difficulty and range from 1-7 hours. Each hike is unique in its adventure offerings: one may wind through the desert to ancient ruins and the next may take you through rock narrows to swimming holes and waterfalls.


CanX guides are men and women with deep interpretive backgrounds, environmental ethics, safety training and whitewater skills who are committed to sharing the Canyon and themselves.


Interpreting the natural world that surrounds us in Grand Canyon is our passion and a major focus on CanX trips. Participants learn about the Canyon’s natural and cultural features in a variety of settings including while hiking, when stopping at an attraction site, while in camp, and while on the boat as you pass significant features.


Resource protection practices on the river are designed to minimize our impact to the fragile environment. You'll leave with a renewed understanding of the interaction of man and wilderness and a deepened connection to yourself and respect for nature.


Read an article written by a trip participant in BoatU.S. Magazine's April/May 2017 issue.


"It was very evident that everyone at Can-X takes environmental protection and care seriously and it was personally exciting to see the level at which 'leave no trace' practice was exercised." - September 2020 


"[The guides] looked out for both of my children on this trip. After the first day, I felt comfortable enough that they would be safe that I was allowed to enjoy the trip as much as the rest of my family was!" - August 2019


"Environmental care, protection and education: Clearly, the backdrop that overshadows everything that happens on the river. I was very impressed." 2017


"Thank you for hiring so many female guides - they were great role models for our teenage girls." 2016