Discussing the incredible natural world that surrounds us in Grand Canyon is our passion. On any given day during your trip, you will receive information in a variety of formats:


Group interpretive talks – a presentation for the whole group, sometimes in the morning after the boats are loaded but before breaking camp and sometimes on-site at an attraction site. Interpretive topics include geology and climate, botany, human history, birds and other wildlife, water and resource management issues, etc.


On-river – during the day while you are riding on-river, your guide will be covering a variety of information including animal life, geology, hydrology, archaeology, etc.


On side canyon explorations – Our hikes take us through geological formations, climatic and vegetation zones of interest, or to archaeological sites. These are great opportunities to learn from your guides about what you are seeing.


Night time is a good time for stories of human interest such as early river runners and settlers, myths and legends of pre-historic peoples and modern day Native Americans, star talks, and points of interests along the river that we saw that day or will see the next day.


“One of my favorite parts of the trip was the educational aspect regarding the canyon, rocks, wildlife, etc.” - October 2020


“All were so knowledgeable and shared any chance they got! We were amazed at all that they knew!” - August 2020


“They did a great job sharing their respective expertise. The crew's knowledge and ability to share it clearly and thoroughly was extraordinary.” - June 2020


“5++!! The crew are all highly knowledgable and incredibly enthusiastic about this place that they love so much. They all offered so many tips, tidbits and perspective on the Canyon - it's geology, human history, flora, fauna etc.” - September 2019


“All of the guides are extraordinary human beings - skilled, friendly and knowledgeable.” - 2017