Campsites in Grand Canyon are most often large sandy beaches broken by natural landscape elements including vegetation, large boulders, sand dunes, etc. Each camp is a beautiful, unique home-away-from-home. The kitchen will be established in a central area; a table with drink mixes, teas, and appetizers will be nearby. The kitchen is often a fun place to hang out as the cook crew prepares dinner. The boats are another comfortable gathering spot for the group.


Most camps offer plenty of space for privacy and usually there is a lot of distance between the areas each might find to call home with her/his sleeping bag, tent and personal gear. Many camps feature some private "honeymoon" camp sites for those willing to hike a little farther away from the kitchen area and the rest of the group.


One of the first things to come off the boats after arriving at camp will be your personal waterproof bags. One bag holds the majority of your clothing and the other your sleeping kit. The sleeping kit consists of a tarp, a Thermarest sleeping pad, a sleeping bag, and a sheet. The tents are stored all together in a larger dry bag. You’ll grab a tent and your personal gear and head off to find a sleeping spot.


Your guides will demonstrate how to set up the tents on the first night to make your first time use easier. As long as the sky is clear, sleeping under the stars (instead of in the tent) is always an excellent choice, allowing you to feel the night air on your face and to witness shooting star trails in a sky filled with millions of sparkling lights. Either in or out of your tent, the camping is world-class.


Our river kitchens include a “prep table” used to chop vegetables, make salads and combine ingredients for dutch ovens. Our six burner propane stove sits on a separate table and makes cooking a cinch. A third table to serve from buffet style completes the kitchen. Several dry-boxes situated near the stove and prep tables contain all the pots, the hot mitts, the stirring spoons and spatulas, the tinfoil etc. Plates, bowls and silverware are stored in a smaller box as are the drink mixes and teas; these items are all put out on to the appetizer table or at the “starting end” of the serving table. A separate box containing the dutch oven comes off the boats when needed. (Lasagne or enchilada pie, brownies or cakes, etc.).


You are always welcome in the kitchen and for those who like to cook or just to help out, we’re happy to share our secrets of river-cooking.