In the morning, a blow on the conch shell announces coffee is ready. Pack up your sleep kit and clothing dry bag; reorganize your day gear and day pack for the day’s hike(s). After breakfast, the process of putting camp away begins with calls such as, “last call for juice,” “last call for the water filter” and “May I have the tent bag?." Next, the boats are reloaded with everyone’s help. Choose a boat for the day as you get ready to embark on another day in Grand Canyon.


Generally, you will be in the boats about half of each day and will make several stops: lunch, side canyon hikes, interpretive talks, and “frequent bathroom breaks.”


You may hike once a day or do up to three shorter hikes in a day. You may spend all day hiking one day and make up river miles another day or over several days. Some hikes begin at camp, others involve boating to reach the hiking area. There is time to disembark as a group, access shoe storage bags, refill water bottles, and grab daypacks.


Your guides will talk about the Canyon’s natural and cultural features in a variety of settings including while hiking, when stopping at an attraction site, while in camp, and while on the boat as you pass significant features.


Dine by the river at a new campsite each night. Your Trip Leader provides a nightly talk covering the next day’s logistics. Camp under the stars.


“Awesome, every day, every hike! Lots of details provided (from logistics to history), all beautifully delivered. ” - August 2020


“Good job with safety and orientation, prepping us for hikes, next day's activities, etc.” - September 2020


“Communication between the guides was fantastic, as well as their interaction with the guests. The whole group dynamic was amazing! ” - October 2020


"Our daily routine was logically presented. Plenty of time for questions." 2017


"Excellent leader and organizer. Interacted very well with all members of our trip. Understood the different levels of participation in the group and worked with individuals to maximize the experience for each." 2017