We are dedicated to minimizing our environmental footprint in the world at large and to stewardship of the Canyon’s fragile environment.


Our greening programs include:


• Buying from local and green vendors including Annie’s Naturals, Newman’s Own, and Brown Cow


• Using environmentally friendly products and recycled-content supplies on-river and in our office/warehouse: recycled toilet paper & paper towels; green dishwasher soap & cleaning products; energy efficient light fixtures and light bulbs; and washable mugs, plates and utensils negating paper use/trash.


• Minimizing packaging waste by buying items in bulk. 


• Recycling in the office/warehouse and on-river.


• Printing our brochure on recycled paper.


• Designing an on-river menu featuring organic and natural foods including: Natural beef and chicken (no hormones or antibiotics); locally & naturally raised shrimp; Preservative-free GORP (trail mix) and dried fruits; Shade grown coffees; jams, spreads and marmalades; salsas; granola bars; blueberries; ravioli; salad dressings & marinades; green peas; yogurts; locally & naturally produced honey; beans, spices, and veggie burgers.


“The degree of stewardship was inspiring.” - September 2020