Grand Canyon by Oar & Paddle

Grand Canyon by Oar & Paddle

The Ultimate Participatory Adventure!

The Ultimate Participatory Adventure!

Canyon Explorations/Expeditions is exclusively an oar and paddle trip company created to provide a unique experience in Grand Canyon. Our river trips offer hands-on boating options designed for individuals seeking a participatory river trip style through Grand Canyon National Park.

Canyon Explorations offers two trip types:

Oar Boats

Oar boats hold up to 4 passengers, a guide, and gear.

Paddle Boats

Paddle boats hold 6 paddlers plus a guide.


Dories hold up to 4 passengers plus a guide. A dory’s presence on a trip is subject to water levels and the boats being in good repair.

Inflatable Kayaks

Learn how to self pilot these single person crafts (available most days).

Trip Availability for 2024!

August 13th:  15 day full canyon (8 openings)
September 3rd: 15 day full canyon (2 openings)
September 22nd: 15 day All-Paddle Full Canyon trip (1 opening) and 7 day All-Paddle Upper Canyon trip (1 opening)
September 28th: 9 day Lower Canyon trip (3 openings)
October 6th:
16 day full canyon (5 openings)
October 18th: New Charter Opportunity (12 or more openings)

Please call our reservations team for more information: 800.654.0723


The CanX Experience:

From Our Family To Yours

We are a family business operating solely in the Grand Canyon.

Explore More

The CanX experience is enhanced by our flexible on-river itinerary and long trip lengths. Combined, these key features create opportunities for extended hiking in the Canyon’s backcountry and exploring less-traveled routes.

Participate More

Our participatory boat styles along with our commitment to fully immersing you in all aspects of the trip offers you the chance to be more involved.

Learn More

Since 1987 we have been refining our unique trip experience, combining exploration and adventure with education and environmental awareness.

Worry Less

Our all-inclusive trip fares and Flagstaff-to-Flagstaff trip schedule leave you with no surprise logistics to coordinate and a hassle-free travel experience.


Book Your Trip

Please check out our Dates & Fares page or call us directly at 800.654.0723 for availability details on any of our trips.

Let very old things come into your hands. Let what you do not know come into your eyes. Let desert sands harden your feet… May your soul be at home where there are no houses.

~ Ursula K. LeGuin


Best family vacation experience, hands down. The guides were all amazing. I loved this group and our grand canyon experience. Thank you so much!!
– June 2020

Sitting here at work… having a hard time concentrating, not wanting to be here, dreaming of our time in the canyon…the air, the sound of the water, the community with all of you people…! Missing the canyon and you all! It was a VERY special time….one that I will NEVER forget..nor each one of you.
– July 2020

I have nothing but wonderful memories and good thoughts on our trip. It was so incredible I could’ve stayed for another 16 days.
– September 2020

I had a wonderful, wonderful experience that I will never forget. I’ll recommend CanX to all of my friends in the future. 
– May 2019

The trip was just extraordinarily awesome beyond my expectations even for a returning guest!
– April 2019

I really can’t think how the trip could have been improved. The equipment was superb, the crew professional and friendly, and the itinerary great.
– September 2020

Trip could not have been better. Would (and very well may) do it again. Most certainly will recommend to others.
– May 2019

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